W*tch B*tch

being complacent of fuckboys who pay you attention 

not me . not anymore man

it’s like the more i learn about you the more i just don’t want to be with you which is good

i don’t want to draw you anymore

understanding ……….. is this what peace feels like??

i don’t want to be deceived ,but i can’t lie the quietness that inhibits my mind right now is nice

i hope my trust isn’t ill placed

i will however revel in this small victory tonight

"i’m nothing to cry over"

"you don’t give yourself enough credit"


i’m condensed to classrooms and bathroom handies

am i more than that ??? no really….

playful banter in the computer lab turned into us going to the third floor bathroom / me sitting on the sink watching your dark silouette pull your pants/underwear  down whispering “suck it” in that voice that for some reason i just can’t …………… i love it

and i did …twice… god your dick was nice 

then you bent me over the sink, rubbing my body from tits to ass not skipping a beat. sliding inbetween my butt and vagina trying to position yourself 

1…….2……. times i yelped in pain 

"maybe we should stop"

yea we should’ve 

we washed our hands and i leaned against the mirror “what is it about me/ why me”

"it’s the way we interact" was all i could get because the damn automatic paper towel dispenser kept going off

we went out 

i was ashamed/ i’d become “that girl” officially

do you ever feelguilt/ yea i do”

i walked you down and we hugged. i accidentally let a tear slip.i was hurt ya know, you saw it “Are you crying/i can;t leave you like this”

then i just let em all flow.

 i don’t know if i can play this one for longer

theres a mark on my chest now ….

it won’t last long 

i feel a little shameful but thien again i always do….


i let myself get too wrapped up in you 

i tried i really did

but you were just so .. unexpected

i think that’s what i hate  … that somehow we just waltzed

right into eachother’s lives and made things difficult


a picture of my … ok

i love everything we do even if its wrong … but idk i feel like i’m giving more here

how about i give a pic of my tits when you do of your dick .. yea~

"what is it about me"

i was at a loss for words for a second


idk how i ended up in you lap

tangled in eachother’s arms 

kissing necks and cheeks as if the lips were a cardinal sin

you hands roamed my sides neck thighs legs .. ass

and i held onto you 

your scent is just too much for me alone, 

"my restraint is slipping"

"i’m trying to do the right thing, it’s so hard, you know i want to"

your mouth was probably the best thing to touch my boob lol um ……..

i mean idk …… id really like to know why me 

or something

instead of you just shutting down…

slowly slowly slowly youre unraveling

very empty 

i feel like nothing 

i hate the way you make me happy

that snort was just about the THE most adorable thing ever

-got the overwhelming urge to cook , like really badly »

"i’m trying to do the right thing"

"i know, i’m sorry"


youre being a decent man

but today i was fixed on being a pretty indecent woman

that kiss, i loved it and i’m sorry/ not sorry

i couldn’t keep my bottom lip from quivering / that only happens with you

"i tell you everything why can’t you say something to me lol/ tell me how you really feel"

"I can’t i just …. (laughs)"

"You never give me straight answers"

"I know i’m like a riddle" indeed you are 

i guess it’s just unfair to you for me to say “fuck it” with your circumstance/ disrespect that lucky woman who has you on lock

then that long hug embrace

i’m sorry i had to hold on a little longer because i know that’s what i’m limited to

"i’d do the right thing for you"

so don’t tempt me ,it’s so easy, and you know i want to/ disrespect her/

we’d be something beautiful wouldn’t we

i don’t know if i got secondhand from the drugs you just did or if i merely got high off of you.

i’m really relaxed, but still damp

fuck are you doing

just like him

so much sweepings are happening i wonder how much 

you’ll use that broom

"imma do the right thing"

only makes you want to do the wrong thing


so so much wrong

who’re you putting on that nail polish for

doing your hair the night before

meticulously planning that outfit

zipping those boots up for

surely not yourself?

on spring break no less


i’m trying to be decent 

trying to pull myself back / reel it in

,but falling into you is looking better and better by the minute

then again we have too much respect for ourselves don’t we

i hate you because i don’t hate you


i’m still sitting here at your fucking mercy

your beck and call

heheh if only you’d call

i’m something// yet nothing

important // yet not so important

what will we be now ?

what was i to you // what am i now

did you think about it afterward // did i make you feel as intensely as you made me

do you love her 

2 years is a long time …….